Bald Eagles at Chimney Point - Photo by Ron Payne 3/6/10

The recent warm weather and subsequent ice melt on Lake Champlain has seen an increase in the amount of bird and birder activity around the lake. In particular this past weekend there was an impressive number Bald Eagles seen in the area. A count based on sightings reported to the VTBIRD e-mail Listserv shows that there may have been as many as 50 individual Eagles seen up and down the lake on Saturday and Sunday. Hotspots for them in Addison County include Fort Cassin Point in Ferrisburgh, and the Tri-Town water plant and Chimney Point in Addison. At Chimney Point on Saturday I personally watched eight Bald Eagles jockeying for position around a fish carcass while a ninth rested on an floating piece of ice not far away.

Ducks were also present in good numbers too with Mallard, Common Merganser and Common Goldeneye well represented, but the highlights for me were two Canvasback and a Lesser Scaup.

– Ron Payne