Juvenile Green Heron at Otter View Park - Photos by Gary Starr

For the past two years, the amount of Green Heron activity seen at Otter View Park made us suspect that they were nesting in the area.  A possible nest site was discovered in a tree over the winter, but without having seen the birds on it we were unsure if it actually a Green Heron nest. On Friday however, I spotted a recently fledged Green Heron in the shrubs very near the tree where that nest was located and a quick search of the immediate vicinity turned up another possible nest site. The next Morning Otter Creek Audubon and MALT held their Monthly monitoring walk at the park during which we spotted not just one, but three fledgling Green Heron with two adults keeping watch nearby. Gary and Kathy Starr followed up the next day and took these great pictures of the fledgling birds. I guess it is safe to say that Green Heron nesting in Otter View Park is now very much confirmed.

– Ron Payne