American Coot, Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area, Addison VT - Photos by Ron Payne

Good sized flocks of American Coot have been congregating for the past few weeks at the Brilyea Access of Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison (map). Though they have been rarely found nesting in Addison County, the American Coot is usually only seen in here in small numbers during migration. A look at the eBird database shows that they have been present at this location since at least October 16th. On November 3 I saw fifteen Coot and on the 13th I saw ten and spoke with a woman who said that she had seen seventeen earlier in the week. The best place to view them has been from the causeway. They have been feeding directly below the dam gate at times and have been very tolerant to passing cars. As you can see in the picture below though, they are somewhat less tolerant to people getting out of their cars when they are that close.

– Ron Payne