This afternoon I had a remarkable chance encounter with a Mink at Otter View Park in Middlebury. The snow is slowly melting from the boardwalk creating a narrow edge that you can walk on along the side. This allows you to move down it much more quietly that you would while walking on top of the crunching snow. This probably led to me initially escaping the notice of this Mink. It came down from the hill on the right to the channel that has melted under the boardwalk where it went out of sight for a moment allowing me to get my camera out of my pocket. It then came towards me following the edge of that channel alongside the boardwalk. Initially I took a couple of still photos but was having trouble keeping the Mink in frame so I switched my camera to video mode and recorded the clip you can see above. It came within ten feet of me before realizing I wasn’t something it wanted to be around and ran off. After I stopped recording, it went back the way it came up the hill and into the brush.

– Ron Payne