White-winged Crossbill in Addison. Photo by Deb Laramie.

Crossbills are unusual among our winter finches not only because their appearances are quite unpredictable from one year to the next, but also because they can occur, and breed, in any season in Addison County. This past winter and spring produced a poor crop of winter finches, excepting Common Redpolls, which were here in abundance, but  Addison County had three records of White-winged Crossbills. Alan Pistorius and Harriet Szanto had 12 in Lincoln in February, Becky Purdum recorded 8 coming to her feeders in Ripton on February 21st and 24th, and again on May 3rd and 10th, and Deb Laramie photographed one at her feeder on Snake Mountain in Addison on May 5th.

– Warren King

Photos by Deb Laramie. Photo by Deb Laramie. 

In Ripton. Photo by Becky Purdum:

In Ripton. Photo by Becky Purdum.