Snow Goose at Dead Creek Wildlife Management area, Addison – Photo by Bob Heitzman, Hartford VT

Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison is a well-known hot spot for Snow Geese in the spring and fall on their way to and from their breeding grounds in northern Canada, but one would not expect to find one there in the middle of summer. But that is just what has happened this year. Why it would spend the summer in Addison is open to speculation. No one I have talked to has seen this bird fly, and one observer even witnessed it struggling to go through a fence rather than over it, which leads to questions of the bird’s health, but it may have just been in its molt period during which Snow Geese become temporarily flightless.

Also of note, another northern breeding Goose was also seen in the area during the same time period. A Brant was spotted associating with a flock of Canada Goose in July as well and was sometimes even seen near the Snow Goose giving observers a double dose of summer oddities.

– Ron Payne