John Rogers

On Wednesday, March 14, OCAS held its third Cabin Fever Lecture for 2012.  This program entitled, Bluebirds and More, was presented by John Rogers, co-founder of the New York Bluebird Society. John had been passionate about Eastern Bluebirds for most of his life since seeing them nest in boxes his Father put up forty-five years ago. He has since erected and monitored hundreds of Bluebird boxes across the state of New York. There is a saying that Bluebirds bring happiness, and they certainly have for John. They even brought him his wife who he met on a Bluebird walk.

Bluebirds are threatened by habitat loss, competition from invasive species like Starlings and House Sparrows, and by pesticide use. Nest boxes built to the correct specifications and placed in the right locations give Bluebirds an advantage to help them survive. Illustrated with beautiful pictures, John’s presentation showed us how to properly go about setting up and maintaining boxes for bluebird or other native cavity nesting birds that nest in them. You can read detailed information on how to do this yourself on the New York Bluebird Society website.

John also left us with an inspirational quote from Aristotle, “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” John hopes that by putting up bird houses, others will find a wider appreciation of nature the way he has.

This was the last of our Cabin Fever Lectures for this year and we thank all those who attended.  We will be back with three more presentations starting next January to help you get through the long winter months.

– Ron Payne