Binocular practice with OCAS board member, Craig Zondag

Eager young birders from Cornwall Elementary School, that’s who!  So enthusiastic!  So knowledgeable!

Last year a feeding station outside their classroom window and bluebird boxes on the playground fence drew these 1st and 2nd graders into the world of birds.  Their teachers, Ms. Beck and Ms. Sears, nurtured their keen interest during the year.  Then, on two Fridays in April, OCAS members were invited into the classrooms to share birding programs with the children.  The students practiced their binocular skills by finding Craig Zondag’s wooden bird silhouettes hidden outside.  They learned more about the parts of birds by holding study skins lent by Rodney Olsen (Thanks, Rodney!).  Then Gary Starr demonstrated bird carving – and gave everyone a chance to try it out.  Each child was given a wooden bluebird ornament to paint and take home.

A third Friday class remains, then they’ll be off in May on a birding adventure – a class field trip to a Middlebury park.  Stay tuned – more details of their exploits will follow!

– Carol Ramsayer