Cornwall Elementary first and second grade students looking for birds

Standing in the meadow by the parking lot, Craig Zondag exclaimed, “Bobolinks singing in the distance!” and took off.  “Wait,” we said, and we all caught up and headed to the far field.  We could hear the burbly bobbling song of the bobolinks in the hedgerow beside us. Then one flew right over and landed in a tree, perching right where we could see it.  Everyone pointed their binoculars and there they were.  Then we listened and in the far, far distance we could hear a meadowlark singing.  Another grassland bird was right near Cornwall Elementary School on Rt. 30.  Bobolinks and meadowlarks with first and second graders?  You can’t get any better than that!

Meanwhile, other students were in the classroom exploring various food gathering techniques of wetland birds.  Ask the children how tweezers, chopsticks, salad spoons, a nutcracker and yellow rubber gloves fit into the picture!

– Barb Otsuka & Carol Ramsayer