OCAS President, Barb Otsuka helping ID flowers along the OVP boardwalk

On Saturday, OCAS held its monthly wildlife walk for September at Otter View Park and the Hurd Grassland. The best action of the day came at the start of the boardwalk where Orange Jewelweed attracted both a Ruby-throated Hummingbird which nectared from flowers, and a Rose-breasted Grosbeak which was in search of seeds. In nearby trees  and shrubs we found Purple Finches, a Red-eyed Vireo, a singing Warbling Vireo, a Yellow Warbler and a Common Yellowthroat. In the marsh we took the time to appreciate blooming flowers like Smartweed and Nodding Beggar-ticks. On our way back out we found the bird of the day, a Philadelphia Vireo briefly seen flitting through the Gray Dogwood bushes along the trail.

At the Hurd property the wind was blowing quite birskly keeping most of the birds down and out of sight. We did however spot two Accipiters, a Cooper’s Hawk flying along the fence-line at the start of the trail, and an Sharp-shinned Hawk soaring over the field. Smaller songbirds aren’t really keen on being out and about when the wind is gusting, a point that was made clear when we found a lone juvenile Cedar Waxwing hanging on for dear life up high in the branches of an Elm tree. We ended our walk with a good look at the abundant Goldfinches and Finches feeding at Gale’s feeders.

All our bird sightings have been submitted to eBird. Full checklists can be viewed at the following links:
Otter View Park
Hurd Grassland

Our Next walk will take place Thurday, October 11 at 8:00 AM. Meet at the parking area of Otter View Park at the intersection of Weybridge St. and Pulp Mill Bridge Road.

– Ron Payne