A stunned Northern Shrike

Recently Ferrisburgh resident Jim Phillips heard the sound of a double-thump against his window and when he went to investigate he found a bird he did not immediately recognize on the ground below it. The gray back and dark tail with white outer feathers suggest a Dark-eyed Junco, but the size and shape of this bird were wrong. He then noticed the faint black mask on the face and realized what he was looking at was a immature Northern Shrike. After taking some pictures Jim decided to leave the stunned but still lively bird alone to see if it would recover without assistance. When he went back to check on it later he found that it had left of its own accord, but discovered the reason there was a double-thump rather than a single,  a deceased White-breasted Nuthatch on the ground. The predatory Shrike  must have been chasing the Nuthatch which unfortunately sought its escape into the pane of glass.

– Ron Payne