Spotted Salamander

Spotted Salamander

Last night, 10 people came out to count and escort amphibians across Morgan Rd. in Salisbury. The rain was slow to come and only came as a light drizzle during our count time from 8:30 to 10:30, but there was still a significant movement of Salamanders and Frogs. The tally for the night is as follows:

475 Blue-spotted group salamanders (1 dead)
32 Four-toed Salamanders
11 Eastern Red-backed Salamanders
147 Spotted Salamanders
174 Wood Frogs (4 dead)
5 Spring Peepers (1 dead)

Jim Andrews says that the low numbers of Four-toed and Red-backed Salamanders indicates that most of them have yet to move. A large movement of these species is something we will hopefully see during our next Salamander Escort event. If you would like to get on the email list to receive alerts on when the next event will take place, follow the instructions on this page.

– Ron Payne