Here is a photo gallery from a couple of recent birding field trip by Mrs. Wadsworth’s 6th grade class from the Weybridge Elementary School. The first trip was taken to Hydroelectric plant near the Pulp Mill bridge where after a tour of the facilities, OCAS board member, Gary Starr gave the students a lesson in how to use binoculars. Then treated them to views of a nearby Osprey Nest through his spotting scope.

The main trip was taken to Snake Mountain on the trail that starts on the east side. Again led by Gary Starr, this time joined by Carol Ramsayer, the class were given an explanation of the habitat needs of different bird species using the field, beaver ponds and woodland habitat they passed through as examples.  Carol also gave some lessons on the amphibians they came across along the way. The birding highlights of the trip were a cooperative Chestnut-sided Warbler and Veery, and a large variety of birdsongs. One of the favorite events of the day for the leaders, and a moment  that summed up the success of the trip, was when one of the students spotted a Black-and-white Warbler in the trees and helped her fellow classmates get a look at it too.

– Ron Payne