Beginning birders

On Saturday, June 15, over 50 people of all ages participated in a beginning birders walk at Wright Park in Middlebury, a joint event held by OCAS and the Middlebury Area Land Trust. Participants broke up into three groups led by OCAS Board members Ron Payne and Craig Zondag, and former MALT executive director, Josh Phillips taking various routes around the Wright Park trail system. Along the way we looked for both live birds and wooden bird silhouettes seeded along the way by Craig. Some of the species seen during the day included an overflying Osprey, Gray Catbirds, a Black-and-white Warbler and many more. All trails led to the Quest bird box where people added their comments to the notebook inside while they were treated to a snack of trail mix. The next stop was to a table where Carol Ramsayer had study skins of birds in various sizes from Ruby-throated Hummingbird to Barred owl for our examination. After that, the groups were led back to the parking area where there was refreshing lemonade available for all.

A big thanks goes out to all who attended and to the organizers and volunteers from both OCAS and MALT, especially Carol Ramsayer without whom this would not have happened, and MALT volunteer Al Stiles for ensuring we had nice clear trails to walk.

Another photo gallery from the walk can be seen on the MALT Facebook Page.

– Ron Payne