Last evening I received a call from my friend Ian Worley about what, after a brief look, he thought might be a Snowy Egret in the impoundment above the dam at Twin Bridges in Weybridge.  That was an interesting enough bird to make me hop in a car and drive over there to see it myself. When I arrived, Ian had just found a good place to set up to look at the bird and with a proper view, we were able to correctly ID it as a juvenile Little Blue Heron. Unlike the adults, which are as the name implies blue, juveniles are white with greenish-yellow legs, and a gray bill with a dark tip. Little Blue Herons are known to sometimes disperse north and west from their coastline breeding grounds in the fall, occasionally making it to our state. They are not uncommon enough in Vermont to require a rare species documentation report to the Vermont Birds Records Committee, but the last time one was reported near Addison County was in 2000 in Brandon.

– Ron Payne