Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl, Addison

If you haven’t yet heard, the eastern U.S. in in the midst of a major Snowy Owl invasion. These birds have been mostly accumulating along the coast as you can see on This eBird Map, and  OCAS board member Craig Zondag can attest to that having see one in a tree along the Beltway in Brooklyn New York over the Thanksgiving weekend. One has even strayed as far away as Bermuda! More locally Snowy Owls have been spotted on the Colchester Causeway on Nov. 20, at the Breakwater on the Burlington Waterfront on Nov. 23, in East Ryegate on Nov. 27 and in Jericho on Dec. 2.

Addison County got in on the game last Saturday when one was discovered at twilight at Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison, causing many birders, including myself, to go searching for it the next day, but it was not re-found.  But This afternoon, Tyler Pockette spotted what may or may not be the same bird at a farm on Rt. 17 just west of the Dead Creek Brilyea access. That news sent Ian Worley out there who took the picture posted above, and should also send many other birders chasing after it again tomorrow as well.

– Ron Payne