Can it fit in the hole?

In the Nov. 2011 issue of Otter Tracks (pdf) Rodney Olson wrote about his and his Diversified Occupations class’ efforts to document and help boost the occurrence of Barn Owls in our area. A more recent sign of these efforts has been the erection in the past year of a couple of Barn Owl boxes visible from Rt. 17 in Addison. Designed to be attractive homes to Barn Owls, on Dec. 17 the one of them attracted the wrong owl! A 1st year Snowy Owl with very dark plumage thought the box made a great place to perch and spent the day there puffed up against the sub-zero cold. And according to one observer, in the afternoon, the Snowy also used the box as a spot to eat a meal. Just another example of the amazing Snowy Owl invasion going on in Vermont this year.

– Ron Payne