Another tale of New Year’s birding for you. Zac Cota-Weaver a new birder who has jumped into the hobby with both feet was out and about on Jan. 1st when near the  intersection of Route 116 and Varney Hill Rd. in his hometown of Starksboro when he found a Snowy Owl atop a silo which had not previously been reported. On top of that, he also spotted and photographed a Hawk that he couldn’t initially identify. After After examination of the pictures, the bird was revealed to be an immature Red-shouldered Hawk, a species that it is very uncommonly found in Vermont in the winter. To be able to see a Red-shouldered Hawk and Snowy Owl at the same time in Vermont in January represents a very unique occurrence.

Zac  has been making a lot of posts to the Vermont Atlas of Life, something we encourage all of you to try out, and you can see the great pictures of things he has been submitting from around Addison County here.

– Ron Payne