Four-toed Salamander

Four-toed Salamander

OCAS will provide limited salamander escort coverage once again this spring at the Morgan Road site in Salisbury. On an ideal evening, wet and warm, this site can experience a thousand or more amphibians of seven species crossing from their wooded wintering sites to vernal pools where they breed. Although road traffic averages only a few vehicles per hour, moving amphibians to the road shoulder ensures them a safe journey. It also provides a less dangerous environment for you to experience the spectacle of spring amphibian migration than at crossings with greater, higher speed traffic. The window for our 2014 program is from Monday, March 17th to Sunday, April 6th. Otter Creek Audubon will have organizers present on two nights that we consider to be “sure things” based on the meteorological forecast. We will alert our 2014 email list, and will post notice on OCAS’ Facebook page.

Amphibian movement starts at dark and can go to 1 am. As a volunteer you arrive or leave when you wish, gather data for an hour or two, usually starting about 8:30. You will be on a public road, and although traffic is light and slow, we cannot be responsible for drivers’ attitudes or actions. You must be responsible for your safety and the safety of others you bring. Please contact Warren or Barry King at 388-4082 or to sign on to the 2014 salamander volunteer email list. Sign up even if you signed up last year or in 2012. Provide an email address that you will see around suppertime. We will give you as much lead time as possible, ideally with a morning “heads up” alert and an early evening confirmation if the weather continues to look auspicious. Email and Facebook are the preferred modes of contact, but if telephone is the only way you would receive a timely message, provide your phone number. When you sign up, we will provide you with directions and other information.

– Warren King