Last night, OCAS and the Salisbury Conservation Commission held the first of two Salamander Crossing events on Morgan Rd.  in Salisbury. We arrived at 8:30 before the rain started but interestingly the Blue-spotted Salamanders had already started moving in anticipation of the weather. Once the rain arrived at 9:15 a few Spring Peepers, then Wood Frogs started to come out as well, and finally as the rain got heavier, the Spotted Salamanders began to cross as well. Conspicuously absent during our time there were Red-backed and Four-toed Salamanders. By 10:45 when we stopped tallying for the night, we had counted over 250 amphibians crossing the road. The full list is as follows:

Blue-spotted Salamander – 158, 7 Dead on Road (DOR)
Spotted Salamander – 52, 1 DOR
Wood Frog – 26, 1 DOR
Spring Peeper – 6

If conditions are right, we will hold one more Salamander Crossing event at the Morgan Rd. To learn how you can participate, visit this page:

– Ron Payne