Twenty-eight people spent two hours at the Morgan Road crossing in Salisbury on Tuesday night. I don’t think that any of us were expecting that the temperatures would drop so quickly or that the rain would turn to snow so early in the evening. Snowflakes started appearing as soon as we arrived and the temperature was barely above freezing and dropping. Still, although the amount of movement and the diversity of species was not what we had hoped to see, we did have a significant migration of amphibians early in the evening and everyone present got to see some of the migration.

When we arrived, limited numbers of Four-toed Salamanders and Spotted Salamanders were crossing but as the temperature dropped and the snow became heavier we saw fewer of these two species and almost exclusively Blue-spotted Salamanders. No living frogs were seen at all, though we know that many of them had already arrived at their breeding ponds.

Our tally for the two hours on site were 194 Blue-spotted (5 dead), 10 Four-toed Salamanders, 11 Spotted Salamanders, 1 Eastern Newt (dead) and one Wood Frog (long dead, probably from the previous night).

Thanks to all who came out and helped.

– James Andrews