This comes from the Lake Dunmore / Fern Lake Association blog which has been hosting messages from Mike Korkuc’s reports of Loons and other things from Lake Dunmore where this bird was found yesterday. It is a first-summer Brown Pelican very much out of it’s normal coastal range. This marks only the second time this species has been sighted in Vermont, the first time being Oct 17, 2003 at Kellogg Bay in Ferrisburgh. The bird was still there as of 7:00 PM last evening so it might be worth your while to try for it today if you can.

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Hi all,
The loons got upstaged today by what I understand is a very rare visitor to this part of the country. The first report, which I admit to being a little skeptical of, came in a little after noon but soon others called in. The first picture is compliments of Sue P and,


I got this one. Some folks have expressed concern that it may be ill or injured but it has been seen flying on at least a couple occasions so lets keep a positive thought for now. I’ll pass along more info as I get it. For those who want to try to see it, it seems to have spent most of the afternoon along Rt 53 between Branbury and Brushes Point to the north.

One loon on the nest every time we passed the island, we didn’t see a second one. Mike


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