Eastern Newt at the Watershed Center

Eastern Newt at the Watershed Center

Here is a message from Mt. Abraham Union Middle School science teacher, Jocelyn Foran about a very interesting project her 7th grade class has been involved in this year. We hope you will all read about it and participate:

We are sending this message to inform you about our biodiversity project. We have made field guides to help others collect data about biodiversity in ecosystems at the Watershed Center. We would like you to sign up on http://www.inaturalist.org/projects/watershed-center-biodiversity-project under the Watershed Biodiversity Project. Join the Watershed Center Biodiversity Project. Go out to the Watershed Center and add data about what species you find using our online field guides (also on iNaturalist.) Here are the links to those guides:

Forested Wetland Guide:

Hemlock-Northern Hardwood Forest Guide:

Vernal Pools Guide:

Oak-Pine Northern Hardwood Forest Guide:

Pond Guide:

Marsh Guide:

We would like you to do this because it will help monitor the health of all ecosystems at the Watershed Center. Be sure to add your discoveries to the Watershed Biodiversity Project.

There is also a quick video that was scripted and edited by two of our class members (Mhairi McMurray and Erik McLysaght) with the help of a producer at PBS. Check it out!

– Jocelyn Foran