When one thinks large white birds in Addison County in autumn, one immediately thinks of Snow Geese, and at first glance,  that is what my friend and I thought we had found at Spaulding Bay in Panton the other day. But when we got optics on them, we quickly realized the two birds swimming together in the water were too big, and too long-necked to be Geese, these were Tundra Swans.

Tundra Swans are rare visitors to Vermont, their migratory path, as shown on the Audubon Birds page, usually keeps them west of the Adirondacks. This being an uncommon sighting, with only three Vermont reports of the species to eBird in in the past 10 years, we immediately sent a message to the VTBIRD Listserv so that other birders might get a chance to see them as well. Several did, among them former OCAS treasurer, John Chamberlain, for whom this was his 600th life bird!

– Ron Payne