A couple of weeks ago, OCAS Treasurer Gary Starr was walking between his studio and his house when he heard what he thought was the calls of a Hawk. Once inside, Gary asked his wife Kathy about it and she said that she had been hearing it too. The sound led them through their house to their back porch where they were surprised to see a Cooper’s Hawk perched on top of one of Gary’s large Great Blue Heron carvings. One of the biggest reasons for their surprise was that the porch is screened in.

After further investigation they found a fist sized hole in a screen from where the hawk, probably in hot pursuit of a bird from the Starr’s active feeders, had misjudged it’s path and punched through. Unable to get out, the hawk moved between perches from the heron to the window sills and even spent time on an Adirondack chair before Gary opened the porch door, through which the bird escaped apparently no worse for ware.

– Ron Payne