Friday evening the rain stopped early but left ground wet enough to bring out the amphibians at Morgan Rd. in Salisbury. Things started off slow, but in the two hours we were there, 15 participants who came out got to see all the expected species. In fact we could have used more volunteers to count all the frogs and salamanders that crossed, so the following numbers provided by Jim Andrews only make up a portion of what actually moved that night.

Blue-spotted Salamander: 307 alive, 1 dead
Four-toed Salamander: 27 alive, 1 dead
Eastern Red-backed Salamander: 20, all alive
Spotted Salamander: 149, all alive
Eastern Newt: 1 alive, 1 dead
Wood Frog: 153 alive, 1 dead
Spring Peeper: 74 alive, 1 dead

Combined Totals: 731 alive, 5 dead

With some evening rain in the forecast for later this week, there is a good chance of another movement soon.

– Ron Payne