Twenty people, many of the first-time visitors, came out last evening to Morgran Rd. In Salisbury for the second and last of our salamander crossing events for this season. Conditions were near ideal with ample rain during the day which mostly tapered off around eight with the exception of a few passing showers keeping things wet. This being late in the season, the biggest part of the movement was small salamanders, with Eastern Red-backed and Four-toed making up the bulk of the salamanders found. Even among the larger species like spotted and blue-spotted salamanders, many of the ones found were diminutive young. The same held true for Wood Frogs, most of which were young the size of Peeper frogs. As we worked moving and counting crossing amphibians, we were serenaded by a chorus of spring peeper frogs in the swamp below, and also by the occasional vocal outburst by Barred Owls. The following numbers show what we found in about two hours of observation.

Blue-spotted salamander: 24 alive
Four-toed salamander: 114 alive, 2 dead
Red-backed salamander: 121 alive. 1 dead
Spotted salamander: 11 alive, 1 dead
Eastern newt: 1 alive, 2 dead
Wood frog: 11 alive
Spring peeper: 8 alive

Combined totals: 290 alive, 6 dead

If you miss your chance this year, weather permitting, we will be back again next spring with more crossing events at this site.

– Ron Payne