Last Wednesday, as the culmination of our in-classroom bird education program at Weybridge Elementary with Catherine Canavan’s 4th & 5th grade students, OCAS board members, Ron Payne, Carol Ramsayer and Craig Zondag led them a walk at Otter View Park. We were extremely impressed with the enthusiasm and birding skills shown by these kids as they searched for birds in the park equipped with our binoculars. As they spotted species, they kept a tally of what they found on a copy of our the Addison County Field Checklist, collectively finding about 20 species in total. Highlights were Baltimore Orioles visiting nests with young, Red-winged Blackbirds, an Eastern Kingbird which perched in front of everyone giving us all good looks, a Yellow Warbler and a passing Osprey. Other things of interest to the students at the park included snails, keeping an eye out for frogs, a Painted Turtle sunning itself on a log and an interesting long-horned beetle. OCAS volunteers enjoyed our time with these students this year and we hope the engagement and energy they showed during our programs will translate into a lifetime interest in birds.

– Ron Payne tracksfooter