Great pictures from Mike Korkuc of a Peregrine Falcon which has preyed on a Northern Flicker.

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Hi again,
Our loons are fine. The whole family was feeding on this end yesterday and the chick did a couple short takeoff runs. The adults should be leaving in 2-3 weeks but the chick should be here for another 6-8, depending on the weather.
The peregrine flew over me at the south end of the ski course. I got a couple shots of it in the air but was too busy shooting to see it was carrying something. After it landed in the dead tree on the island I knew but I was too far away to have any idea what it was. Sue W. and Allon quickly ID’d it as a flicker. Looking back at the flight photos now, I can see it. I’ve got one more great photo in the tree but hesitated to send it out because it’s a little more graphic as to what the…

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