Congratulations to Salisbury Community School’s Amy Clapp for being featured in National Geographic’s Educator Spotlight. We are big fans of her classroom bird programs too.

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Amy Clapp is a K-6 science teacher at Salisbury Community School in Salisbury, Vermont. Amy has been teaching elementary school for 16 years.

Amy Clapp birdwatching Photo by Wendy Money

Activity: Mapping Local Migratory Birds

Subjects: Science

Grades: K-6

Tell us about your activity. How long did it take and what did you need to prepare?

In this lesson, students learn about the birds that live in their own backyards. They learn how to identify birds, make observations at bird feeders, map migratory patterns, and use online applications to develop field guides.

This activity is possible to complete within a few class periods, but I like to use it as a year-long project that connects with other environmental lessons.

In the fall, students begin learning about birds. They also get used to noticing and recording bird behaviors at the bird feeder and around the schoolyard. Throughout the winter, students practice…

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