The OCAS trail camera was recently set up in a location along the Otter Creek in the Middlebury village where it captured a short video of a Coyote. People who live in the town are likely used to hearing, seeing signs, or even getting a look at Coyotes in the fields outside the village, but they might be surprised to know one could be found within a few hundred yards of well-populated neighborhoods. The Otter Creek, with its wetlands that often prevent building right on its banks, provides good cover, habitat and wildlife corridors that can draw all sorts of animals near our homes. In fact a White-tailed Deer was captured making use of the same trail going the other direction just 39 minutes before the Coyote arrived.

What I find most interesting about this video is that as soon as the Coyote either spots the trail camera, and/or smells the human scent around it, it recognizes it as something out of place and immediately runs away. This shows that even though they may be very close to us, Coyotes are extremely wary of coming into direct contact with humans and human activities.

The trail camera used to take this video is part of OCAS’s lending library of equipment available for use by Addison County classrooms. Educators can contact us to learn more.

– Ron Payne