The flow of salamanders and frogs crossing Morgan Road in Salisbury from upland woods to lowland vernal pools kept 22 of us busy for two hours last night from 8:15 to 10:15. The temperature held at 41 degrees F and a light rain persisted through the evening, fine conditions for movement. We counted the following:

Blue-spotted: 633 alive, one dead
Four-toed: 90 alive, 0 dead
Red-backed: 90 alive, 0 dead
Spotted: 328 alive, 0 dead
Wood frog: 45 alive 1 dead
Spring peeper: 25 alive, 1 dead

Total 1286 alive, 3 dead

Thanks to those of you who participated for a successful evening.

We will hold at least one more crossing event at Morgan Rd. Sign up for alerts at

– Warren King