Last night OCAS and the Salisbury Conservation Commission held the second and last of our Salamander Escort events for 2016. Here is a report on the activities from Jim Andrews:

Despite the fact that the rains ended earlier then forecast here in Salisbury, the ground and roads were still wet when the sun went down and the temps were still well above freezing.

Volunteers were already at Morgan Road when we arrived to set up around 8 PM. Over the course of the following 2.5 hours, 44 volunteers tallied 512 amphibians. In that period of time 7 cars passed through the crossing area (one multiple times). Amphibian numbers were a bit less than 1/2 of last week and the species moving had shifted to primarily Eastern Red-backed and Four-toed Salamanders. Both species that move a bit later in the spring than the Blue-spotteds. Most of the Wood Frogs had already moved to the swamp and could be heard calling.

This is the second and last public educational event at Morgan Road for this year. Keep in mind though, that movement at this location began almost a full month ago on March 10 and migration is just beginning at some colder locations in the state.

We found:

Eastern Red-backed (181 alive, 3 dead)
Four-toed Salamander (174 alive, 3 dead)
Blue-spotted Salamander (116 alive, 5 dead)
Spotted Salamander (10 alive, 2 dead)
Spring Peeper (9 alive, 1 dead)
Wood Frog (5 alive)
Eastern Newt (3 alive)

Totals (498 alive, 14 dead)

– James Andrews