Hi all, Lets start with yesterday’s weather. Rosie got some great shots while I was in town in the morning. Snowy here and even more in Middlebury, though I didn’t have the camera to prove it. Quit…

Source: Busy couple days, & unusual bird news


On Tuesday, Apr. 26, Mike Korkuc was taking pictures of a group of Loons on Lake Dunmore when he noticed one that was different. After sending his pictures around to others, the bird was identified as a Pacific Loon. Despite the name, this species is not a completely unheard of on this side of the continent. Some winter on the Atlantic coast, and in fact, birders find them nearly every year in in migration in the late fall and early winter on Lake Champlain in very small numbers. What is very rare to see, though, is one of these birds in the spring in  it’s adult breeding plumage. Only once before, in May of 2005, was one sighted at Kent Pond in Killington, interestingly, another inland lake rather than on Champlain.

– Ron Payne