At this month’s wildlife walk at Otter View Park and the Hurd Grassland, we were pleased to have a nice mix of regulars and new people in attendance to search for birds and other wildlife at these two properties. As we entered the top of the boardwalk we had a  brief look at a Sharp-shinned Hawk jet overhead. Further down we got a good look at a Red-eyed Vireo, which are easy to see this time of year as they come down from the tops of trees to load up on calories. A Great-crested Flycatcher was another good spot in late summer when they mostly go silent. Another good moment came when we had a Song Sparrow, Swamp Sparrow, White-throated Sparrow and Common Yellowthroat all together in a small area of the boardwalk apparently feeding on fallen Orange Jewelweed seeds.

At the Hurd Grassland one of our first sightings was a young Goldfinch being fed by a parent from seeds taken from Gale Hurd’s sunflowers. Down in the lower field we had fun watching a Cedar Waxwing repeatedly sally from the top of a red cedar trying to catch small insects from a large swirling swarm. In the grasses we found a nice looking Black-and Yellow Garden Spider on its intricate web. And we also enjoyed the blooming New England Aster growing along the trails.

All our bird sightings have been submitted to eBird and the full checklists can be viewed at the following links:

Otter View Park
Hurd Grassland

Other wildlife sightings are submitted to the Vermont Atlas of Life.

Our Next walk will take place Saturday, Oct. 8 at 8:00 AM. Meet at the parking area of Otter View Park at the intersection of Weybridge St. and Pulp Mill Bridge Road.

– Ron Payne