Last night we held the first of two possible Salamander Crossing events at Morgan Rd. In Salisbury. Here is a report on the evening from the Salisbury Conservation Commission’s resident herpetologist, James Andrews:

Herpers, last night at Morgan Road in Salisbury, 44 people spent 1.5 hours monitoring the crossing and found 27 Blue-spotteds, 35 Four-toed, 6 Eastern Red backed, and 32 Spotted Salamanders along with 33 Wood Frogs and 10 Spring Peepers, for a total of 145 amphibians.  Only five of those were dead.

Despite the diversity of species, this was a slow night for Morgan Road and I am not sure why.  Many amphibians already moved at that site, but neither Wood Frogs or Spring Peepers were chorusing from the swamp yet.  Temperatures were around 40 F but pressure was rising and although the roads were wet, it had mostly cleared in Salisbury by 10 PM.

– James Andrews

If weather conditions are right in the near future we will likely hold another crossing event. If you would like to take part, you can join our mailing list by sending a message to

– Ron Payne