On Saturday, April 8, OCAS hosted the bi-annual Audubon Assembly, this time taking place at Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison. These meetings are a regular opportunity for board members of Audubon Chapters around the state to get together with representatives of Audubon Vermont and talk about our programs and, local, state and Federal issues, and the challenges we all face. Among the chapters in attendance were Ascutney Mountain Audubon, Green Mountain Audubon,  Northeast Kingdom Audubon, Rutland County Audubon, as well as guests from the Mad Birders, and from New York, Chemung Valley Audubon and Southern Adirondack Audubon Society. Also on hand from National Audubon was Sarah Jeffords, regional coordinator for the Atlantic Flyway.

As part of this gathering, OCAS Secretary, Warren King, put together a mini symposium about the history and conservation activities that have taken place at our host location, The Dead Creek Creek Wildlife Management Area. The five presentations that were given that morning were:

Dead Creek: The Early Years, Presented by Amy Alfieri, Vermont Fish & Wildlife

Dead Creek Wildlife Day, Presented by David Sausville, Vermont Fish & Wildlife

The Bald Eagle Restoration Program, presented by Margaret Fowle, Audubon Vermont

Dead Creek Bird Observatory, presented by Rodney Olsen, Hannaford Career Center (Retired)

VT Duck Stamp 30th Year celebration presented by Lawrence Pyne, Host, VT Outdoor Journal

Thanks to the help of Middlebury Community Television, we were able to record these presentations and post them here for your viewing pleasure. We hope you will enjoy them as much as the conference delegates did.

– Ron Payne