Herpers, on Tuesday night, April 3 the rains brought out both herpers and amphibians. However, since it was both colder (~39° F) and drier than last Thursday night, there were fewer amphibians to go around.

Still, reports of amphibian movement have come in from as far south as Guilford on the Massachusetts border and as far North as Canaan on the Canadian border. However, those that ventured out in the hills of central Vermont (Huntington & Montpelier), reported no amphibian activity.

Two of the most interesting reports were a new town report of a Blue-spotted hybrid salamander in Marlboro from a previously unknown crossing location, and a complete survey (Kiley Briggs & Levi Brown) of the northern portion of Route 102 that reported one location (previously known) with Blue-spotted salamanders moving.

On the western side of the state, reports of amphibian migration came in from Grand Isle south to Castleton and included sites in Addison, Charlotte, Ferrisburgh, Georgia, Hinesburg, Milton, Monkton, New Haven, Shelburne, and Williston.

At Morgan Road in Salisbury, 21 volunteers moved a total of 258 amphibians and 1 reptile in about 1.75 hours. This included:

196 Blue-spotteds (5 dead)
44 Four-toed Salamanders
6 Red-backed Salamanders
5 Spotted Salamanders
7 Wood Frogs (1 dead)
1 Common Gartersnake (dead)

Peggy and Marc Faucher gathered data from a few people patrolling North Street in New Haven and found a very impressive total of 85 Four-toed Salamanders along with:

80 Blue-spotted Salamanders,
16 Spotted Salamanders &
13 Wood Frogs

Toby Alexander and his son Joe reported an impressive total of 36 Four-toed Salamanders along with 10 Spotted Salamanders and a single Spring Peeper on Hibbard Road in Milton.

This was the last of the organized public nights on Morgan Road for this year, but amphibians will continue to move on warm, wet, months for months to come and amphibians in central Vermont and higher elevations have not even thawed out yet. That said, I see more snow than rain in the forecast for the next ten days.

Thanks to everyone for their help and reports

James Andrews