This past Sunday twenty-eight people came out to our annual Warbler Warm-up walk at the Waterworks Property in Bristol. The weather couldn’t have been better and we managed to have the ideal situation of there being a lot of birds while there weren’t many leaves on the trees. Some of the highlights were a Pine Warbler seen foraging down low on the ground. A Blackburnian Warbler hopping around on bare branches. Solitary Sandpipers on the muddy edges of an old impoundment. Two Eastern Pheobe nests under construction, one on the famous anticline rock formation, and the other under a log footbridge.

Also exciting was an active Raven nest in the same place they were last year with five nestlings. Or rather, I should say four nestlings and one fledgling, as one the young birds took its first flight while a group of us were watching it.

The wildflowers were also especially good this year with Spring Beauty blooming alongside Trillium, Dutchman’s Breeches, Hepatica and much more.

A full list of birds observed can be viewed here.

– Ron Payne