Here is Jim Andrews’ final report on amphibian activity on the evening of April 7th at Morgan Road in Salisbury. There is likely to be more amphibian movement this spring, especially outside of the Champlain Valley, for those of you who who crave more amphibian action or who were unable to make it to either of our two public events at Morgan Road. You will need to sign up again next year for alerts to two movement events at Morgan Road. I start the list over again each year. We hope you enjoyed this year’s action. Many thanks for your help.

—Warren King

Here in Salisbury, we had our second and last public education event for the season at Morgan Road. We had 61 volunteers that reported a total of 477 amphibians (and one passing car) over the 1 & 3/4 hours that we were on site. Keep in mind that many more amphibians moved after we had left the site and on other evenings when we were not watching. Also, we hope that thousands more are moving in areas where there are not roads between their overwintering and breeding areas. Maintaining these undeveloped and connected lowlands and uplands is important for all wildlife.

Our species totals at Morgan Road were:

Blue-spotted and related hybrids, 214 alive, 1 dead
Four-toed Salamanders, 133 alive, 1 dead
Eastern Red-backed Salamanders, 98 alive
Spotted Salamanders, 17 alive
Eastern Newt, 2 dead
Wood Frog, 6 alive
Spring Peeper 5 alive

—Jim Andrews