31 people came out on Mother’s Day morning for the return of our Warbler Warm-up walk at the Watershed Center in New Haven. Led by OCAS President, Ron Payne, and Watershed Center volunteer, Chris Runcie, we split into two groups and went in search of migrating warblers and other birds. I

Since out last event here three years ago there had been some major changes. One of the main tails has been flooded by beaver activity, so a new trail circumventing it that spot had been built. We marveled at all the hard work which had been put in on this project including a lovely footbridge over a wet section.

As for birds, things were a bit on the quiet side, but what we may have lacked in quantity, we more than made up for in quality. Yellow Warblers, Yellow-rumps, Black-throated Green, Black-and-white, Common Yellowthroat and Northern Waterthrush made up the slate of our marquee bird family, as well as a Blackburnian Warbler which patience most allowed everyone in both groups to get good looks at it. Also of note were drumming Ruffed Grouse, singing Winter Wren and Blue-headed Vireo. Seen through the treetops, a Red-Shouldered Hawk made several passes above us giving us chances to be sure of the ID, and for OCAS VP, Gary Starr to get a nice picture of it. Common Raven chicks, nearly ready to fledge, were seen in their customary nesting place on a cliff.

Of course, as usual we enjoyed the lovely wildflowers which grow around the property. And as we were on our way out, a participant spotted a fuzzy orb in tree, which bushwhacking around to the other side was revealed to be a Raccoon, looking unhappy that its hiding place wasn’t working as well as it thought it would.

Thanks to all who joined us for this enjoyable outing. You can see the full eBird checklists of our two groups at the links below.

Ron Payne’s group.

Chris Runcie’s group.