On Friday, March 31, OCAS and the Salisbury Conservation Commission held the first of what we hope will be two salamander crossing events at Morgan Rd. Here is a report on the night’s activities from Jim Andrews from the The Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Project:

We had 20 people attending between 8:15 and 10, the temp was around 36 F (on the colder side), and six cars came through while we were there (more than usual).

We found 33 Blue-Spotted Salamanders (31 alive, 2 dead), 10 Spotted Salamanders (6 alive, 4 dead), and 13 Wood Frogs (12 alive and 1 dead).  Activity was slower at the beginning and picked up slightly over time with a sprinkling of rain and slightly warming temperatures occurring later.  It was interesting that none of the smaller salamanders (Eastern Red-backed Salamanders or Four-toed Salamanders) or Spring Peepers were moving and I suspect it was the result of the colder temperatures.

If you would like to participate in our next event, sign up to receive an email alert by sending a message to Warren King at kinglet@together.net.