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Bobcat Tracks

While walking the Hurd Grassland in Weybridge yesterday, I came across this set of Bobcat tracks. You can tell they are feline tracks by the four toe pads with no claws showing which are asymmetrically set with a slightly leading toe. By comparison, canine tracks usually show claw marks and are symmetrical. The width of the track is […]

Hurd Grassland Bobcat Video

This is the second time our trail camera has caught a Bobcat at the Hurd Grassland in Weybridge, but unlike our previous capture, this one was caught on video. There are a couple of interesting things featured in this short clip, especially seen in the slow motion replay. Note how even with the Bobcat’s elongated […]

Bobcat at the Hurd Grassland

On May 17 at 6:40 PM, I set up a game camera at the Hurd Grassland in Weybridge in a wooded section of the property with hopes of getting some mammal pictures in what I felt might be a good corridor in which they might move about. Almost exactly one hour later a Bobcat came along […]

February Monthly Wildlife Walk

Nobody came to this month’s wildlife walk at Otter View Park and the Hurd Grassland, which was wise because the roads were terrible after the previous day’s heavy snow and the parking lot at the park was unplowed and inaccessible. But the walk leader, who lives within walking distance of the park, and had no […]

March Monthly Wildlife Walk

  This month’s walk at Otter View Park and the Hurd Grassland couldn’t have happened on a nicer March morning—sunny and seasonably warm and thoroughly enjoyable. And the birds seemed to be out enjoying the weather too. At the park, Northern Cardinals were belting out their territorial songs and Starlings were already investigating holes in […]

February Monthly Wildlife Walk

With the guidance of our leader, Barry King, one of the main themes of our wildlife walk this month was winter tracking, a task made easier by nice layer of snow on the ground to show off tracks. Around Otter View Park we found rodent, Eastern Cottontail Rabbit and Red Fox tracks, many of them […]

December Monthly Wildlife Walk

This month’s walks at Otter View Park took place on such a cold morning that the 8 observers who attended wondered whether we might see many interesting birds at all, but our fears were allayed almost immediately when a Yellow-rumped Warber was spotted at the top of a tree near the parking lot. Conditions on […]

January Monthly Wildlife Walk

This month’s wildlife walk at Otter View Park and the Hurd Grassland was lead by OCAS board member Craig Zondag. Our first bird sighting of the day was a passing Common Raven which gave some nice “quork” calls as it went overhead. Down on the boardwalk, Craig had literally seeded the trail for us the day before the […]

Winter Tracking

Winter can be a trying time for birders, especially in a year like this one when interesting irruptive species  have been in short supply. But the consistent snow cover we have had until lately can provide us with another form or wildlife entertainment, that being trying to identify all the animal tracks that suddenly become […]

Hurd Grassland Turkeys

When I first set up the OCAS trail camera at this location at the Hurd Grassland in Weybridge back in October, I did so specifically because I believed we might catch Turkeys on video there. Six months of disappointment followed (well, only if you consider a bobcat disappointing). But finally, after a long wait. my instincts paid off. […]