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Fifteen people came out for this month’s walk at Otter View Park and the Hurd Grassland taking advantage of the good weather to do some peak spring birding. Our walk began with a good look at a Baltimore Oriole from the parking lot. Further down we were serenaded by the beautiful fluting song of a Wood Thrush, and later got a look at the bird Read the rest of this entry »


Once again this May teams of OCAS birding volunteers will spend a 24-hour period scouring Addison County to find as many species as we can for our annual Birdathon fundraiser. All the money raised will go to support our educational and outreach programs. For example, this year, we have committed to give $5404 to 10 Addison County schools to fund field trips and class projects. We are also assisting with sending a local High School student to the National Audubon Society’s Hog Island camp in Maine. Money from Birdathon also goes to support our Cabin Fever Lecture Series, Otter Tracks Newsletter and many other programs, none of which would be possible without your financial support. You can help us out by either pledging an amount for each species found, giving us a flat gift, or by creating your own Birdathon team.


This past Sunday twenty-eight people came out to our annual Warbler Warm-up walk at the Waterworks Property in Bristol. The weather couldn’t have been better and we managed to have the ideal situation of there being a lot of birds while there weren’t many leaves on the trees. Some of the highlights were a Pine Warbler seen foraging Read the rest of this entry »

In this issue of Otter Tracks you will find the following articles:

    • Ecstatic Chaos
    • Migratory Bird Treaty Act Weakened
    • Earthworm Concerns
    • A New Fungal Disease in Snakes
    • Our 2018 Hog Island Camper
    • Wright Park Birding!
    • Tough Life for Upland Sandpipers
    • OCAS Trip to Mt. Mansfield
    • Opening Up New Worlds
    • OCAS Calendar of Events

Otter Creek Audubon Society members will receive a copy in the mail but you can always find the latest issues of Otter Tracks in color on our home page. You can also browse issues going back to the year 2000 in our Otter Tracks Archive.



This month’s wildlife walk took place on a morning with the beginnings of some very nasty weather. Even so, we did manage a good group of attendees as well as a good group of birds. Most of the action at Otter View Park was happening down on the river, where two Pied-billed Grebes were spotted diving on the creek. There were also Wood Read the rest of this entry »


Herpers, on Tuesday night, April 3 the rains brought out both herpers and amphibians. However, since it was both colder (~39° F) and drier than last Thursday night, there were fewer amphibians to go around. Read the rest of this entry »

Herpers, the flood gates opened around 8:15 PM at Morgan Road last night and seven species of amphibian poured through with over 2,500 counted in the two hours we were on site. Many amphibians went uncounted even with 37 volunteers helping out. At my greeting and education post, I had a steady flow of amphibians moving out from under Read the rest of this entry »


A tiny Spotted Salmander

On warm, wet nights from mid-March to mid-April frogs and salamanders move from their wintering sites on high ground to wetlands to mate and lay eggs. Their route to the nearest vernal pool sometimes takes them across a road. Read the rest of this entry »

On Thursday, March 15,  at the Ilsley Public Library in Middlebury, Otter Creek Audubon held our third Cabin Fever Lecture series presentation of the winter on Pine Martens, presented by Vermont Fish & Wildlife biologist, Chris Bernier. This talk centered on reintroduction efforts for this weasel family species, explained their current status in Vermont and their difficult relationship with Fishers. If you missed this presentation it can viewed online here thanks to the production facilities of Middlebury Community Television.


Chris Bernier

Normally we only hold three presentations over the winter, but next moth we will be hosting a special presentation by Mark LaBarr and Margaret Fowle giving us the results of their Golden-winged Warbler migration tracking project. That will take place April 12, 7pm at the Ilsley Library in Middlebury. In the meantime, if you would like to see more, many of our past presentations can be viewed at this link.

– Ron Payne


This month’s wildlife walk featured a checklist of early signs of spring. Right of from the parking lot at Otter View Park we had territorial Red-winged Blackbirds singing from prominent perches, House Finches singing their pretty warble, and Song Sparrows calling from a tiny cattail-filled drainage. Throughout our entire morning walk we saw Read the rest of this entry »

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