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Photos by Carol Scott

Today I received this remarkable series of pictures of a Bobcat from Carol Scott. They were taken this morning at 11:30 AM on Monkton Rd. between Vergennes and Monkton. It’s amazing to see one of these cats out in the open like this in daylight. I think its posture in the second two pictures clearly shows its discomfort with being seen. Read the rest of this entry »

A Bobcat track with a quarter for scale in Weybridge - Photo by Ron Payne

While walking the Hurd Grassland in Weybridge yesterday, I came across this set of Bobcat tracks. You can tell they are feline tracks by the four toe pads with no claws showing which are asymmetrically set with a slightly leading toe. By comparison, canine tracks usually show claw marks and are symmetrical. The width of the track is nearly two inches and the stride length is almost two feet long, far too large for a domestic cat and too small for the Bobcat’s relatives, the Lynx and the Mountain Lion which would be much more unlikely Read the rest of this entry »

A male Piliated Woodpecker having a meal - Photo by Ron Payne

While searching for birds during the Dec. 18 Middlebury Christmas Bird Count on N. Bingham Rd. in Cornwall, I came upon a Piliated Woodpecker feeding from the remains of a Bald-faced Hornet nest attached to the bottom of a power transformer. What exactly he was getting out of the nest is a bit of a mystery since all but newly fertilized Bald-faced Hornet queens die off in the fall, and the queens abandon the nest to over winter elsewhere. Perhaps there were some failed larvae still left inside or the nest had become shelter for Read the rest of this entry »

Lake Champlain from Jones Dock Rd. in Bridport - Photo by Ian Worley

In an attempt to find a place to view waterfowl close to home, Cornwall resident Ian Worley recently began investigating the section of Lake Champlain south of the the Champlain Bridge crossing in Bridport and Shoreham. His results from this region have been outstanding and eye opening to those of us who might have dismissed that area in favor of more publicized hot spots further north. Between Leonard Bay in Shoreham to just south of McCuen Slang in Bridport from November 11 to December 13, 2010 he tallied 18 Read the rest of this entry »

Snow Bunting - Photo by Ron Payne

Snow Buntings arrive in the Champlain Valley from Arctic breeding sites in late October or early November. Most winters they are seen regularly in Addison County’s grasslands and agricultural fields in flocks of 100 or more. Read the rest of this entry »

Juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-heron - Photo by Eric Nelson

The pictures and written report that Dottie and Eric Nelson submitted to the Vermont Birds Records Committee for their sighting of a juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-heron in Middlebury has now been accepted. That makes it the seventh officially recorded occurrence of Yellow-crowned Night-heron in Vermont. Interestingly two more Yellow-crowned Night-heron sightings were also accepted by the Committee this year. A July 18, 2010 sighting of an adult at the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge in Swanton and a April, 30, 2005 Read the rest of this entry »

American Coot, Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area, Addison VT - Photos by Ron Payne

Good sized flocks of American Coot have been congregating for the past few weeks at the Brilyea Access of Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area in Addison (map). Though they have been rarely found nesting in Addison County, the American Coot is usually only seen in here in small numbers during migration. A look at the eBird database shows that they have been present at this location since at least October 16th. On November 3 I saw fifteen Coot and on the 13th I saw ten and spoke with a woman who said that she had Read the rest of this entry »

Rusty Blackbird at Otter View Park - Photo by Ron Payne

In the Fall, Blackbirds form together in very large flocks sometimes containing thousands of birds for their migration. These flocks are largely made up of Red-Winged Blackbird and Common Grackle, and Brown-headed Cowbird, sometimes mixed together and sometimes in very species-specific flocks. At the same time, also coming through with them in smaller numbers are the Rusty Blackbird. Seen only as a migrant in Addison County, Rusty Blackbirds nest in bogs in the Northeast Kingdom and northern Green Read the rest of this entry »

Immature Orange-crowned Warbler at Dead Creek, Addison - Photo by Henry Trombley

On October 2nd Rodney Olsen, with a large crew of helpers and observers, mist-netted and banded an immature Orange-crowned Warbler at the Dead Creek Wildlife Day bird-banding demonstration. The banding took place at the Route 17 Dead Creek boat access and parking area in Addison. Orange-crowned Warblers are common in the West but rare migrants in New England and the East. It was a first for Dead Creek Bird Observatory banders.

– Warren King

Juvenile Green Heron at Otter View Park - Photos by Gary Starr

For the past two years, the amount of Green Heron activity seen at Otter View Park made us suspect that they were nesting in the area.  A possible nest site was discovered in a tree over the winter, but without having seen the birds on it we were unsure if it actually a Green Heron nest. On Friday however, I spotted a recently fledged Green Heron in the shrubs very near the tree where that nest was located and a quick search of the immediate vicinity turned up another possible nest site. The next Morning Otter Creek Audubon and Read the rest of this entry »

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