Snow Geese in flight.  Photo by D. Gordon E. Robertson

Snow Geese in flight. Photo by D. Gordon E. Robertson

Dead Creek, a designated Important Bird Area, is the premier birding spot in Addison County due to its varied habitats and excellent access. The wildlife management area offers a mixture of marshes, deciduous forests, open fields, and pine plantations. The best access to walking trails and the marshes can be gained south off of Rt. 17 along a dirt road on the west side of the creek. The road travels between the creek and agricultural fields before going through a deciduous forest and crossing the creek and some impoundments. In some years water in the impoundments is drawn down and a bonanza of shorebirds and waders are drawn to this area during late summer and early fall. Foot trails leave from parking areas along the road. Agricultural fields along Rt. 17 offer opportunities to see snow geese in the late fall and short-eared owls through the winter. Nortontown Rd. traverses the southern end of the creek. Marshes further north along the creek can be viewed from West Rd. (Stone Dam) on the east and off of Jersey Street/Goodrich Corners Rd. on the west. Dead Creek flows under Panton Rd. and then enters the Otter Creek along Basin Harbor Rd. in Ferrisburgh.

eBird Hotspots for Dead Creek Wildlife Manangement Area:

Dead Creek WMA IBA

Dead Creek WMA IBA–Bird Observatory & banding station

Dead Creek WMA IBA–Brilyea Access

Dead Creek WMA IBA–Farrell Access

Dead Creek WMA IBA–Goose Viewing Area

Dead Creek WMA IBA–Stone Bridge Dam

Dead Creek confluence with Otter Creek

Dead Creek–Panton Road crossing