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32 people came out on an unseasonably warm for the return of our First Day Hike at Button Bay State Park. Put on in partnership with Vermont State Parks, we aim to start the year right with both a good walk and a good start to our birding year lists.

The birds were in fairly low numbers, as is the current trend for them this winter, but we did manage to get some good sighting. Along the trails we found a flock of songbirds including a White-throated Sparrow, Dark-eyed Juncos, and Blue Jays, which were spotted and ID’d by a seven-year-old participant in the walk. One of our group was lucky enough to see a Brown Creeper, but it crept away before anyone else got to see it. Out on the water around Ship point there was a moderate sized flock of American Black Ducks and Mallards, as well as some very distant Hooded Mergansers. We went out to the point across from Button Island and got better looks at those Mergansers, and got a great look at a Horned Grebe which surfaced seemingly from nowhere right in front of us. On our way back we found some more songbirds along the road, including some American Tree Sparrows. And to crown things off, while looking at a large flock of European Starlings, we were excited to see a Peregrine Falcon fly through them in an unsuccessful attempt to catch a meal.

It was great to return to doing this event, and we fully plan to do it again next year.

Click here for a full list of the birds we saw.

Thirty people came out on a lovely morning for our annual First Day Hike at Button Bay State Park. This is the fifth year we have held this event in collaboration with Vermont State Parks. This event combines the tradition of birding on New Year’s Day to start building a birding year list, with the relatively new tradition of holding walks at parks on the first day of the year.

The search for birds proved a little challenging at first with just common species like Chickadees, Blue Jays and Crows being seen at first. But as when we reached the first overlook of the lake, we spotted a nice flock of White-throated Sparrows in the bushes along the shore. With them were a Dark-eyed Junco, Cardinals and a Carolina Wren which didn’t allow us to see it, but went through all it’s variety of calls except for it’s main song.

On the water, we found four Common Loon, all far enough away that we needed spotting scopes to see them well. Also popping out from marsh along the shore edge were a group of American Black Ducks which may or may not have been flushed out by the exuberant explorations of some of our younger walk participants. An overflight by a Bald Eagle was also a highlight from this point.

Further along the trails we stirred up some Cedar Waxwings and a Robin, in and around some Red Cedar trees, which we noted had plenty of berries for the birds to eat. We also spotted a Downy Woodpecker too.

Down at the end of the trail on the point opposite Button Island, we added a few more water birds with a passing Common Goldeneye, several Common Mergansers, and a group of Mallards. Far across the lake we were also able to observe some Ring-Billed Gulls actively flying and diving in the water.

On our way back we had one of our most unusual sightings of the day, a Large Yellow Underwing moth caterpillar seen crossing the snow encrusted roads. This is a non-native species that is occasionally seen in winter locally for whatever reason.

This walk has become a favorite for its leaders and our many repeat participants over the years. We look forward to holding it again next year, and hope you will join us too.


Though the weather seemed to threaten in the early morning, things cleared up just in tome for the 21 who came out to Button Bay State Park for this years First Day Hike. This this is the fourth of theses walks we have held. One of many events like this that happen around the country at State and National Park to get people kicking off their year right Read the rest of this entry »

Given temperatures in the minus teens at our start time, it’s unsurprising that only eight people came to this years First Day Hike at Button Bay State Park, but it was a hardy, group well dressed for the weather, ready too look for birds. Read the rest of this entry »

Twenty seven people came out on an a beautiful New Year’s Day morning to Button Bay State Park in Ferrisburgh to search for winter birds as part of our First Day Walk. This new annual tradition which we started taking part in last year happens around the country at State and National Park gets people kicking off their year right enjoying exercise and Read the rest of this entry »

On New Year’s Day OCAS began a what we hope will be a long-running annual event for us. New Year’s Day birding trips are a tradition held by many bird watchers as they begin to fill their year lists. This year we decided to combine that tradition with the fairly new tradition of First Day Hikes that have started to be held at State Parks across the country. Read the rest of this entry »

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