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Anyone who’s ever joined in the fun of escorting salamanders across the road in early spring during amphibian migration knows that all the action tends to be down on the ground. With your attention focused at your feet, it’s easy to forget about the other nocturnal wildlife lurking above your head. Owls are an obvious example of one of these arboreal darkness dwellers, but the night time forest can be a great way to see some Read the rest of this entry »

Long-eared Owl

Long-eared Owl

This Long-eared Owl was found by Tyler Pockette in our area recently, after he recognized some promising habitat. An evergreen thicket with thick under-story for concealment while roosting, adjacent to open meadows for hunting. After getting permission, he visited the site at night and was able to get this amazing photograph. No playback of audio was used to attract this bird. Because this owl was found on private property and we are inside the window for nesting, we are keeping the location of this bird secret. Read the rest of this entry »


Gray Foxes, the less common and more secretive cousins of Red Foxes, are considered an enigma to even some of the most experienced naturalists, many of whom have never seen one. But in the area around Otter View Park around Middlebury and Weybridge they may be more common than Read the rest of this entry »

Early in the morning of 28 November a small apple tree next to our porch was visited by a medium-sized black bear. The bear took a half-dozen apples, most of what was left after a chipmunk’s repeated visits. It broke several big branches trying to add to his take, and then left. The warm weather has kept us from putting up feeders well after they usually go out.

– Warren King

The OCAS trail camera was recently set up in a location along the Otter Creek in the Middlebury village where it captured a short video of a Coyote. People who live in the town are likely used to hearing, seeing signs, or even getting a look at Coyotes in the fields outside the village, Read the rest of this entry »

Great pictures from Mike Korkuc of a Peregrine Falcon which has preyed on a Northern Flicker.

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Hi again,
Our loons are fine. The whole family was feeding on this end yesterday and the chick did a couple short takeoff runs. The adults should be leaving in 2-3 weeks but the chick should be here for another 6-8, depending on the weather.
The peregrine flew over me at the south end of the ski course. I got a couple shots of it in the air but was too busy shooting to see it was carrying something. After it landed in the dead tree on the island I knew but I was too far away to have any idea what it was. Sue W. and Allon quickly ID’d it as a flicker. Looking back at the flight photos now, I can see it. I’ve got one more great photo in the tree but hesitated to send it out because it’s a little more graphic as to what the…

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On May 17 at 6:40 PM, I set up a game camera at the Hurd Grassland in Weybridge in a wooded section of the property with hopes of getting some mammal pictures in what I felt might be a good corridor in which they might move about. Almost exactly one hour later a Bobcat came along and set the motion sensitive camera off. We have been seeing bobcat tracks at the Hurd property for many years now, so it is very gratifying finally get a look at an animal that might have been Read the rest of this entry »

On April 25, a singing male Field Sparrow was first sighted at the parking lot of Otter View Park in Middlebury by Spencer Hardy. Over the next few days, several other birders found it too, and the realization came that rather than this bird being just a temporary passing migrant, it was instead attempting to set up a breeding territory in the park. What is interesting about this is that Field Sparrows are a shrubland species, and Otter View Park does not exactly fit that description. But the Read the rest of this entry »

For the second April in a row, a Pink-footed Goose has been found in Addison County. This time it was discovered by Ian Worley and myself west of Shard Villa Rd. in Middlebury, just a little over two and a half miles north of where one was seen in Salisbury last year on another part of the same floodplain. Like last year’s bird, this one is embedded in a flock of Canada Goose. If accepted by the Vermont Birds Records Committee, this will be the third record of the species in the state of Read the rest of this entry »

In a very cold winter like the one we have been experiencing when Lake Champlain completely freezes over, finding waterfowl in Addison County can be very difficult. But along the Otter Creek, the waterfalls that had the power to draw colonists to our area, also have the energy to keep water open, and these spots can entice ducks and geese to stay over winter. One such flock of geese and ducks in Middlebury tickled my curiosity enough that I recently talked my friend Ian Worley into Read the rest of this entry »

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