Questions about your membership? Let us try to answer them!

National Audubon Society’s membership center:  844 428 3826
Hours: Weekdays, 8 AM to 9 PM Eastern; Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM.

How do I know when I need to renew? I get many notices throughout the year.
Please check your mailing label on Otter Tracks, our newsletter.  It will tell you your expiration date.  The National Audubon Society (NAS) wants to make sure its members know about renewing their membership.    One thing you can do is request only one renewal notice per year.  You can call the staff at the NAS membership center at 844 428 3826 to let them know.   One of our Otter Creek Audubon Society board members may be able to help, also.  Please go here for our contact information.

Can I renew over the phone?
Yes, it’s easy.  Please call the National Audubon Society at the membership center number at 844 428 3826 and the staff will help you renew your membership.  Using the telephone option saves paper and Audubon’s staffing resources.

What happens if my membership expires?
We receive a monthly list of all our members, which includes those whose membership has expired.  The National Audubon Society keeps you on the list for six months and we continue to mail our newsletter, Otter Tracks, to you during that time.

Will you help me know if my membership expires?
Yes, we will send you a card in the mail when your name no longer shows up on our membership list.   Once again, if you ever have questions, a quick call to the membership center at the National Audubon Society at 844 428 3826 will hopefully yield a satisfactory answer.

Can I only have a local membership to OCAS?  I am most interested in conservation and birding issues of our local area.
We appreciate your support but Audubon gains its strength through having both a national presence and local chapters.  There are nearly 500 chapters across the country.  By working together Audubon is able to be one of the leading conservation groups in the country while also having a local presence. This is why being a member gives you both local and national membership benefits.

What if I don’t want to receive the magazine?
Please call the National Audubon Society at the membership center number, 844 428 3826, and tell the staff about your preference.

Can I tell a friend about OCAS and invite them to join?
Yes!!  Otter Creek Audubon gets special credit for local recruitment. Be sure to tell them to include our OCAS chapter code “X04” with their $20 check and send it to:

National Audubon Society, Inc.
225 Varick Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10014
Attn: Chance Mueleck

You can also tell them to go to our website at and print the “join up” form from there.  It has our special chapter code and lots of other information about our activities.  Thank you!

How do I give a gift membership?
You can give a gift membership easily on Audubon’s website by going to and to “support us.”   Alternatively, the staff at National Audubon Society’s membership center at 844 428 3826 can help you make your gift over the phone.

Is there anything else the staff at National Audubon Society’s membership center at 844 428 3826 can help me with?
Yes, there are several other choices you can make related to your membership, including: address changes, requesting that your name not be sold to outside organizations, and requesting not to receive gifts like tote bags or umbrellas.

Printable version of this FAQ: (pdf)