The second and final Amphibian Escorts for 2023 was April 5th.  We had a successful evening moving amphibians across Morgan Road in Salisbury. 

There was rain, not too much, but ample for getting amphibians to move from wintering sites to breeding sites. Jim Andrews was present and gave everyone a clear idea of what needed to happen. The first movement was close to 8:15. 62 people helped move amphibians. Jim’s figures for the night were: 

Blue-spotted Salamander: 57 alive, 6 dead

Four-toed Salamander: 28 alive, 0 dead

Red-backed Salamander: 18 alive, 0 dead

Spotted Salamander:  18 alive, 5 dead

Wood Frog: 8 alive, 0 dead

Spring Peeper: 1 alive, 0 dead

Eastern Newt: 0 alive, 2 dead

Total amphibians: 209 with 196 alive and 13 dead.

Four cars came through during our time on site, accounting for most of the dead amphibians, with a few (likely the newts) having been run over in the previous 24 hours or longer.

There will continue to be amphibian movement, especially over higher terrain. Thanks for turning out in good numbers on April 5th. 

Thanks for signing up this year; I hope you got to participate. See you next year.

— Warren King